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Benefits of Expert Team Leasing by e-point

What is Expert Team Leasing?

Expert Team Leasing is a service e-point offers to software houses and companies that need to develop and maintain system software at the source code level. Typically e-point experts augment a client’s IT team although in some cases they may even form the backbone of a project team.

e-point Teams are made up of highly skilled Java developers and/or architects who work directly with clients to define a scope of work and then execute that work remotely at e-point facilities. On a frequent basis, they communicate with clients via e-mail, chats, conference calls and other tools designed for software collaboration.

When needed, e-point experts also work at client facilities, for example, to take part in project scope definition meetings, status meetings, troubleshooting sessions and to assist with the rollout of new code.

e-point Teams operate on a Time & Material basis. Clients are only invoiced for the man-days worked plus any travel and accommodation expenses.

When should you hire an e-point Expert Team?

e-point Expert Team Leasing allows you to do two things:

  • augment your existing software development team with e-point subject matter experts - highly skilled specialists with years of project experience capable of working under both waterfall and agile development models. E-point experts can perform any of a range of roles, from that of a specialist developer to a team leader in order to help you quickly resolve system issues,
  • launch a standalone, self-managed development team that co-defines with you the project scope and then carries out all the development work. Given they are experienced specialists, there is no need for you to guide or manage anyone- e-point drives the project through all phases to a successful conclusion.

Clients will get the greatest benefit from e-point Expert Team Leasing in situations where they want to quickly, and at a reasonable price, overcome important IT system challenges requiring a high level of software development proficiency. The most typical situation is one where in-house IT staff are too busy with ongoing responsibilities to undertake root analysis and solution development for an issue, or because they lack the appropriate expertise. Another frequent situation is when the client IT manager is looking for outside help but is interested in expertise levels and/or rates which are more attractive than those offered by local providers.


Expert Team Leasing


Knowledge transfer

A common fear among client IT managers is that if they use outside experts to do a development job they’ll have no control over the new code or they’ll create a gap in the in-house knowledge required to maintain the upgraded system.

e-point resolves these concerns by ensuring the following:

  • e-point experts will share detailed knowledge with client IT staff on how the software issues were resolved and prepare them to do in-house maintenance and troubleshooting,
  • e-point can also offer in-depth Java Web Developer Training to teach client developers on how to do advanced development and system maintenance.

Other e-point services

Build-Operate-Transfer - response to major turnkey IT project

Sometimes a company wants to replace an older legacy IT system with an advanced platform based on state-of-the-art technology in the shortest time frame possible. For example, in order to be first to market with a system that provides a significant competitive advantage. Or in response to a key competitor launching a new system. In such cases e-point offers a Build-Operate-Transfer model (which goes beyond Expert Team Leasing) where e-point staff design, build and temporarily operate the new system and then at the appropriate moment transfer the entire operation to the client.

Java Web Developer Recruitment & Training

As noted above, e-point Team Leasing assumes project work is typically done by e-point staff remotely at e-point facilities. In cases where a client needs to hire and maintain trained IT staff at their own facilities but lack the resources to do so, e-point offers Java Web Developer Recruitment & Training services. Here e-point recruits and trains Java developers for the client and ensures they can competently perform the required level of development and maintenance work.

Why e-point?

e-point has over 20 years of successful software development experience on high profile projects and leverages this experience in its services. Launched from a car garage, the company has grown into an award-winning software house employing several hundred staff. Recent company recognition includes the 2018 Polish Project Excellence Award, the 2018 SAP Gold Medal for Quality and the 2017 SAP Achievement Award for executing the largest cloud-based SAP Commerce implementation in Europe.

Over its lifetime e-point has completed over 500 software projects for leaders in a wide range of industries, including Uber, Amway, Toyota, ING Bank, Coca Cola, BNP Paribas, Leifheit and Inter Cars.