Digital Product Development


When do you need our digital product development services?

You have a great product or project idea that’s based on Internet technologies your company is willing to invest in.

You don’t have an IT team or your IT team lacks the required experience or skill sets.

Time pressure and tight deadlines mean you must delegate some part of a current project.

If you lack a system that serves your specific business needs, if you want to replace your existing system, or if you don’t want to rely on a ready-made product, we can help you with your digital product development process. 

How e-point does product development

  • We allocate a team of focused, experienced specialists to your project.
  • We use Agile methodology and cooperate closely with the product owner and domain experts, quickly adapting to changes in project priorities.
  • We provide software development process support that’s based on industry best practices.
  • We use a cloud-native approach to build apps, basing them on cutting-edge technologies and ensuring compliance with the relevant security requirements. 

For which projects?

Projects that have clearly defined business goals and that have not necessarily been analyzed or designed.

How do we operate?

We work using empirical Agile and Lean methodologies; these are exceptionally efficient for projects that have a considerable level of industry complexity, such as online banking or financial applications. We quickly deliver business value by incrementally completing project phases and reviewing them.

The usual scope of our projects is for products that require a team of up to several dozen people. 

How do we stand out?

We’re a dedicated team

We are not a body leasing or individual outsourcing solution – we are a team that’s 100% focused on and committed to your project. In our experience, a team's full focus is crucial to achieving outstanding quality and ultimate success. 

Body leasing

Dedicated e-point team

IT specialists are hired for a defined period of time, irrelevant of the project's actual needs. We create a dedicated project team, where the composition and level of engagement can be adjusted to suit the current needs of each project stage.
Specialists are selected based on CV reviews and contractor recommendations. Recruitment may run over, and recruited people may have never worked together previously. We work with people we know and trust; team members have worked together before, which leads to a faster start and effective communication and cooperation.
The client manages and organizes specialists’ work. Each project is managed by a team leader who cooperates closely with the product owner.
The outsourcing company is not held accountable for the outcomes of specialists’ work. We are fully accountable and guarantee the quality of the product created.
Settlement is often based on hourly rates and is not tied to any achievement of purpose. We complete the entire project and provide outcomes in line with established goals.


Comprehensive support and service

We engage a team with a very wide range of competencies to deliver solutions:


Experienced project managers


Analysts and system architects, UX researchers, UX designers, UI designers and strategists


Back-end and front-end programmers, hosting specialists, and infrastructure architects

We take responsibility for your project

We are driven by a culture of accountability in everything we do. As a team, we take responsibility for the product we deliver. We want to feel proud about it, and we want our clients to be proud of it, too. 

Continuous delivery and integration

We follow CD (continuous delivery) and CI (continuous integration) practices, which ensure:

  • Shorter times to market.
  • Reduced administrative loads in combining work outcomes from various contributors.
  • Less repetition and greater efficiency.
  • Fast error identification. 
  • Cost and resource savings.

We favor open-source, proven technologies

We choose open technologies and convenient licensing requirements. And we take care that project knowledge is properly managed and organized – that you’ll receive complete, accessible, and up-to-date information. Thanks to this, we can effectively hand the project back to you for further development with much fewer hassles. 

The technologies and tools we select are always tailored to the requirements of the project. Our most frequently used tools, languages, and frameworks include:

Java lub Kotlin

Angular or React


Jira Agile

IntelliJ Idea Ultimate

Teamwork outcomes

Engaging a dedicated team results in subsequent operational parts of the application delivered every 2-3 weeks in sprints (as per SCRUM methodology) and presented to the client-side product owner. After a cycle of sprints has been completed, we deliver a ready-to-use and innovative online product. 

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