Trading and auction platform for ING Group


The only platform in Poland that combines B2B and banking functions. is the first trading and auction platform in Poland which enables registered companies to buy and offer their products.

Through this platform, active users improve their procurement process, reduce costs and use many business facilities which have only been available offline thus far. Functions that were made available in 2013 are all free of charge.

ING Bank Śląski


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The advantages of


  • Electronic purchase process (offer inquiries and tenders)
  • Price negotiation via purchase auctions
  • Development of offer inquiries
  • Comparison of offers


  • Product and service offers in the form of catalogues
  • Establishment of an own B2B shop to flexibly manage price lists offered to the existing and future business partners
  • For certain offers, sales auctions useful in price negotiation


  • Establishment of new commercial relations with partners verified by
  • Development of a business partner network
  • Evaluation of transactions
  • Development of the company’s reputation in the platform

Unique project on a world scale

It is difficult to compare with any other e-commerce platforms in the world, as it combines various functions and operates on the B2B market, which is less active in the Internet. has no 1:1 equivalent. It was therefore not possible to refer to a specific business pattern or model. There are, of course, B2B auction sites which have succeeded, such as Chinese Alibaba, however their dynamic development is more so connected with the specific nature of a given market than with the extent of their offer.’s unique characteristic is the consolidation of various commercial and banking processes within one platform.

"No one has carried out such a project before. Thus, we could not check how a similar platform operates and which platform model will succeed. We developed the entire platform concept and architecture from scratch."

Grzegorz Ścisło

Board Member

e-point S.A.

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How did we come to the challenge the Grupa ING offered us?

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