Mobile app for Amway Business Owners (ABOs)


The mobile app for Amway Europe.

Extension of the e-commerce platform

The app is an extension of the Amway Online system - Amway’s e-commerce platform built by e-point S.A. to meet the needs of 30 European countries.

We invite you to read the full description of the Amway Online implementation, which also includes details of the implementation of the Mobile App.



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App for Amway reps

The mobile app for Amway Europe has been designed for Amway Independent Business Owners (AIBO) and its purpose is to facilitate their everyday cooperation with Amway and support them in winning new customers and partners.

The app allows users to:

  • Conduct sales presentations
  • Manage Customers (including registration of new customers)
  • Collect orders
  • Notify customers about the status of orders
  • Register orders
  • Register Partners

Offline mode

An important feature of the app is the ability to work offline, which is of great importance for the AIBO operating in the field.

iOS and Android

The app is available for two platforms, iOS and Android, and in two versions; one for smartphones and one for tablets.

Ideal mobile design

The mobile app for Amway Europe is the ideal mobile design for our company, because it satisfies the following conditions:

  • It is a business tool

This means that it allows you to perform real business processes, e.g. create purchase orders

  • It integrates with the company’s system

It is not a separate application, a gadget, but a real extension of the existing systems and processes.

  • It utilizes full capabilities of a mobile device

This means that it’s not a copy of online systems but their supplementation, which takes advantage of the specific nature of mobile devices, e.g. off-line operation, address book integration, notifications, geolocation, etc.

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