A New Online Home for the ING Dzieciom Charity Foundation

ING Bank Śląski

A pro-bono project to support social initiatives for children and teens

ING Bank Śląski, our longtime partner, has been supporting children and teenagers for many years through the ING for Children Foundation’s social programmes.

To improve the Foundation's operations, e-point SA company has created a new website available at the address www.ingdzieciom.pl.

Activities of the ING for Children Foundation

The ING for Children Foundation is one of the oldest corporate foundations in Poland. It was established on the grounds of the Foundation of Bank Śląski formed in 1991. Owing to its work, over dozens of thousands of children have been helped in manifold ways.

The Foundation’s mission is implemented through its original social programmes:

  • Smile Camps – free educational camps for children and teenagers
  • ING Voluntary Services Programme – where ING employees support local social initiatives
  • Bibliotherapy – where the Foundation gives away and distributes educational books for children such as “Alien” and “Lucjan, the Lion One of Its Kind”
  • ING Internet Clubs – clubs with free internet access all over Poland

ING Bank Śląski



Functions of the ING for Children Foundation’s website

Prior to launching the new website, information about the Foundation's activities was published on the ING Bank Śląski portal, in the section on Corporate Social Responsibility, and on the Foundation’s Facebook profile.

With the new service, the ING for Children Foundation has gained a modern website with intuitive navigation and a nice graphic design. Its task is to collect all information about the Foundation's history and objectives and to facilitate ongoing operational activities, including contacts with social partners.

As part of the work on the website, intuitive forms were developed and implemented, intended for entities applying for the Foundation’s support for specific projects, and sections available after logging in, designed for ING Group employees interested in participating in ING Voluntary Services Programme.

"In the world of social work, just as in business, the prerequisites to success are good co-operation and a common goal".

Agata Tomaszewska

President of the Board of ING for Children Foundation

- The cooperation with e-point gave fruit to the ING for Children Foundation’s new website, which will facilitate the Foundation's work with its social partners and volunteers. By reaching a wider audience with information about our programmes, we align educational opportunities for young people. Sharing its knowledge and skills, e-point has built a website that has become part of the common good, for which I am very thankful - says Agata Tomaszewska.

Long-term partnership - we help in helping

The website of the ING for Children Foundation www.ingdzieciom.pl has been created pro bono as part the 18-year partnership with the ING Group. e-point is not just a company - it’s values, as well. The value we believe in and have been supporting for many years is family. At e-point, the employee voluntary service is very active. We share the same values and we want to help those who provide help.

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