Improved User Experience for Smartphone Customers

Bank Pekao SA

New solutions for online banking

Pekao SA, Poland’s second largest bank in terms of number of customers, commissioned e-point SA’s UX Design team to design the information architecture and graphical interface of the bank’s new internet banking solutions.

The design covered the following systems:

  • transactional system - online banking in the lite version
  • PeoPay mobile app - for iOS and Android operating systems

These implementations broaden and unify the ecosystem of the bank's mobile solutions, offering customers convenient self-service and the ability to make payments using smartphones. Customers will also appreciate the uniform user experience presented throughout all of Pekao's mobile solutions.

For the UX and UI design, e-point SA engaged the collaboration of specialists in the field, Flying Bisons.

Bank Pekao SA


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New Website

The website is an online banking system for smartphone browsers (the so-called lite version) providing access to banking and brokerage services.

The e-point SA team was responsible for the development of classic online banking functions based on existing solutions used in a previously released implementation for tablets. Our work included adaptation of the following functions (among others) for smartphone users:

  • Search engine of branches and ATMs
  • Access to history of operations and account balances
  • Access to current exchange rates
  • Quick money transfers
  • Quick contact with the bank

In addition, new function was added to improve the smartphone user transaction experience, for example:

  • Dashboard with a convenient overview of the customer's products (on a slider)
  • “My finances” list showing all the customer's products on one screen
  • Payment calendar
  • Presentation of operations history including categorization
  • Intuitive operation search engine
  • Currency exchange service

New function was also added to the brokerage piece, including access to accounts and services of the brokerage house Dom Maklerski Pekao, including:

  • Access to brokerage account details
  • Review of account assets
  • Transfer from a brokerage account to the customer’s own account

"Our main goal is to create intuitive, convenient and tailor-made solutions for our customers".

Bartosz Zborowski

Director of the Strategic Projects Office of Bank Pekao SA

"Pekao24 for a smartphone browser is the first element of the new mobile banking of Bank Pekao SA, and its natural continuation is the PeoPay mobile banking application, which offers our customers comfortable and quick access to bank products and mobile payments". - says Bartosz Zborowski

New PeoPay Application

The challenge in designing the new version of the PeoPay app was integration of the two previously independent applications provided by the bank, Pekao24 (mobile banking) and PeoPay (fast payment service).

It was determined that the new PeoPay would be a hybrid application:

  • The mobile application would use the browser functionalities of the website: the screens of the lite version would be inserted into the application
  • The application would provide additional function exploiting the native capabilities of modern smartphones

As part of the development of PeoPay, the e-point SA team designed application-dedicated functions, such as:

  • Fingerprint-based logging and transfer authorization
  • Scanning of bills and invoices
  • Preview of the account balance before logging in

"The previous version of PeoPay had a unique, application-specific navigation system - a circle for quick access to key features. The bank's customers became accustomed to this method of navigation, which is why both we and the bank wanted to carry out the rebuilding in a non-invasive way that would not distort the existing user experience. To the existing program for navigation we added a menu, useful and at the same time consistent with the lite version, which expands the range of available online banking functions in PeoPay." - says Łukasz Franczuk, Head of UX Team, e-point

"Both we and the bank wanted to carry out the rebuilding in a non-invasive way that would not distort the existing user experience".

Łukasz Franczuk

Head of UX Team, e-point

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Effects of the Work

The design team prepared a graphic interface comprised of almost 500 screens.

The new function and usability (of screens and key processes) were verified through an ongoing process of user testing involving not only Pekao customers but also customers of other banks. Conclusions from the test sessions enabled us to introduce a number of improvements along the way, making the final result even better and more intuitive for users.

During the course of the design work, a precise style guide was also developed. This guide defines rules and conventions for any future development of additional screens or system functions.

Further development

The service was deployed on 26. June 2017, while the new version of the PeoPay application has been available in app stores from 11 October 2017.

As part of further work toward optimizing the user experience, the system is being expanded with new features such as the ability to purchase insurance through the app, or to make BLIK payments.

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