UX/UI for the first Polish responsive banking system

Lions Bank

Can a banking transaction interface be designed anew, without turning the basic functions upside down or ignoring the customer's habits? How can one design a system to make it intuitive, transparent, and attractive, regardless of the device that the customer is using?

The team at e-point SA asked themselves these questions as they designed the private banking transaction system for Lion's Bank.

The challenge for the e-point UX team was clearly defined: the users should feel that they were using an elite service with a memorable interface. The highest levels of convenience and intuitiveness were required. The project included developing the information architecture (IA) and designing the graphical user interface (GUI). Thus, the appearance and functionality of the system dovetailed with customer service goals.

Lion's Bank


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The whole concept was realised in compliance with the responsive web design (RWD) standard, in which the screen adjusts to displays of various devices that the customer is may use. There’s no need to install a new application and the interactions are designed to make them user-friendly on a mobile screen, a laptop, or tablet. While this approach is becoming increasingly popular in news portals, it is still new in the case of transaction systems.

A new aesthetic approach was proposed during the creation of the project. The classic banking pattern with a menu on the left and a tree-shaped structure has been changed.
At Lion's Bank everything starts with a long webpage aggregating the property. It contains boldly designed views of the balance of property and owned products. The actions suggested to the user are always context-based and linked to the presented data. This method is versatile, enabling the remaining screens to have consistency in the continuation of the opening page view. Ultimately, more than eighty screens were designed.

Development of Lion's Bank’s system shows that niche services may also set new standards of quality and convenience.

Watch the presentation of internet banking interface designs for Lion's Bank:

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