A Simplified App Hosting Infrastructure for ING Bank

ING Bank Śląski

Freeing our client to focus on their customers and business initiatives – instead of IT systems and equipment

07 Aug 2019

ING Bank Śląski, one of Poland’s leading banks, decided to use e-point’s hosting infrastructure to launch an additional application.

ING Bank Śląski


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Developed in PHP, this oSPE (onStage Proactive Engagement) application previously operated within the bank’s own hosting infrastructure. Among other things, it:

  • Monitored users’ web sessions.
  • Personalized offers and ads.
  • Interacted with the company’s database and Business Intelligence systems.
  • Automatically generated various reports.

To successfully complete this project, the e-point team needed to:

  • Design, prepare, and optimize appropriate hardware and system architecture.
  • Migrate the application to the above architecture.
  • Guarantee a balanced traffic load on all application nodes.
  • Launch Redis and MySQL database clusters.

Active communication with the customer’s representatives and cooperation with Bizmatica, the oSPE application provider, were also vitally important.

How to move an app

During the deployment’s initial phase, we launched a test environment that allowed us to detect and solve challenges related to the transfer process. This involved analyzing the application’s operation and adapting it to the requirements of the new environment. For this reason, it was particularly important for e-point to start coordinating their work with the Bizmatica, the app provider. Their professional cooperation was a substantial help during this process.

After making the necessary changes uncovered in the testing process, the application was transferred to the production architecture. Hardware scaling and performance tuning were an important part of the deployment, since one of the goals was to enable the application to handle heavy usage.

The results

We completed all tasks on schedule and provided a stable environment that allows us to quickly increase resources when needed. In short, our e-point team has taken over the administration of the hardware and system architecture. This allows the bank’s team to focus on business initiatives without worrying whether their equipment and infrastructure will support it. Patryk Nowak a Customer Journey Expert at ING Bank Śląski’s Agile Centre – Digital Transformation, puts it this way:

"Launching the application in the infrastructure maintained by e-point is a fast and convenient way of integrating new tools with our existing solutions. While we focus on the business use of the new application, e-point watches over the performance and reacts to any changes in traffic".

Patryk Nowak

Customer Journey Expert, Centrum Agile - Digital Transformation

ING Bank Śląski

This is particularly important before reaching the maturity stage. At any time, we can get support and guidance that allows us to use the available infrastructure more efficiently - says Patryk Nowak.

What comes next?

During the deployment process, we gathered valuable experience in oSPE applications. This allowed us to provide the customer with some suggestions on further development with the goal of improving performance under heavy loads. We’ve also been able to help them implement a more efficient way of deploying the application and introducing changes to it.

We can also help your company. Write to us and we will analyze your business needs and determine how to improve the employee and customer experience.

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