Designing a Content-Oriented Portal for NN Investment Partners

NN Investment Partners TFI S.A.

Highlighting this financial services company's new identity took more than just a rebrand

05 Aug 2015

Following the separation from ING Group of insurance and investment activities under a distinct NN Group, on 21 July this year, ING Investment Funds transformed into NN Funds.

At the same time the TFI ING brand changed into NN Investment Partners TFI. The transformation took place in all markets in which the NN financial group operates. This in turn required changes in visual identification, which also included the Internet website. The task of designing and implementation of the new website was assigned to e-point.

NN Investment Partners


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Our job involved combining technology, UX and design with the aim to:

  • Create a responsive website adapted for browsing on all types of devices
  • Incorporate new brand visualisation
  • Facilitate user navigation through the website thanks to new information architecture
  • Optimise the purchase process, especially for new clients who never invested in funds

- It has been three years since we launched the new website and online fund sales via the ING TFI24 Internet platform (now NN TFI24), during which our Clients' approach to investments has changed significantly. Now it is the Internet where they first search for information about investments and compare the performance of funds. By changing the website we also wanted to accentuate the transformation of ING TFI into NN Investment Partners TFI - says Małgorzata Barska, the CEO of NN Investment Partners TFI.

Analysis of Statistics

Users get used to the outline of portals and the way to navigate around them. The aim of the new information architecture is to improve the experience for portal users. That is why we always start with the analysis of the statistics of the existing website. This allows us to learn for example which pages are most often visited by users, and at which point their transactions are cancelled. Then we use that information to design a new website so that the most popular pages are easier to reach and the number of steps in the processes is limited.

We studied the way the website users navigated around it, what information they searched for and when. That is how we learnt that nearly half of all visitors concentrated on the subpage showing the performance of funds.

New Information Architecture

We have designed the new information architecture in such a way that the listing of shares is presented as clearly as possible. Typically, investment fund clients are busy and browse the listings when they have time - and usually on their smartphones. That is why it was important to create a website designed for browsing on any device, and responsive websites make it possible.

We also concentrated on the possibility to reach listings with just one click. The new website displays each fund in a separate tab.

"A growing number of Internet users access mobile sites and browse their content on smartphones and tablets. Therefore, the new NN Investment Partners TFI website has been redesigned with the use of Responsive Web Design technology".

Magdalena Markowska

Marketing and Communication Director

NN Investment Partners TFI

- It allows all those who are interested to observe the listings and current market commentaries, and to obtain other crucial information on the way to work, during their break between meetings or in their spare moments, wherever they might be - says Magdalena Markowska.

- I must say that this job has brought back a lot of memories - adds Michał Hryszczyk, the System Architect at e-point. - We have worked with companies from the ING Group for a number of years, and while starting to design a new performance module, we realised that we had already done it several times. First, more than ten years ago, we created it in the now disappearing Flash technology. Then we used JavaScript libraries, and the latest version we are creating with the use of RWD.

Content Audit

The analysis of users' behaviour on the former website gave us information about the items they were particularly interested in – that is why the new website concentrates on the product offering. Another step was the adjustment of the website content.

The portal offers not only informational texts but also a range of elements that encourage users to undertake certain actions. Therefore the entire communication process depends on the product offering. Information about the ways of investing and types of funds is given in a new form. Now it is easier to read and understand it, and the purchase is possible from each level, also while looking at the tab devoted to the fund.

- Building websites which are to be read on various devices requires a "higher level of content planning." The time when printed leaflets were rewritten on the Web has finally ended, now it is necessary to precisely plan the role and structure of each message, keeping in mind the online users - says Michał Waszkiewicz, the Strategist and Concept Designer at e-point. - The texts and headers are designed with smartphone screens in mind, they need to be more concise, short and precise. And these rules can be successfully applied to the desktop version.

The platform owned by NN Investment Partners (now Goldman Sachs Group) increased fund sales by 153% in 12 months (compared to the same period).



Restructuring a website is not only conceptual work. It also involves the physical transfer of content to the new portal, taking into account the new architecture and ways of communication. This stage is called digital activation.

Our offer to the Client included not only designing the website and Active Content - a tool for its administration, but also the migration of content from ING TFI.


We were running the project for NN Investment Partners TFI S.A. right to its activation... and one step further. Nowadays, websites are no longer products but rather processes based on a simple algorithm: analysis - changes - analysis. Each portal we have created is a sum of our experience and work with a client’s existing website, as well as good practices and market trends, which we closely follow. That is why the website will soon get new functionalities that we are already working on.

- We have not slowed down after the success of the ING Bank website - concludes Michał Waszkiewicz - Many people from the sector consider the ING Bank website as a benchmark among Polish designs of this type. At the beginning of another challenging project we wanted the NN Investment Partners website to become a model for other investment funds. We are certain that it will be so.

e-point SA is the first Polish company to receive a Conversion Optimization certificate


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