Simplifying NN TFI's Sales Experience

NN Investment Partners TFI

New sales system enhances the usability of the mutual fund sales customer experience

30 Jan 2020

Do prospect onboarding right, and you can boost sales conversion rates. For a difficult shopping product like investment funds, onboarding is a key issue. The European asset management company NN Investment Partners TFI (NN TFI), working with e-point, has successfully implemented a more user-friendly solution for investment funds sales.

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In the investment funds market, achieving a good customer experience is still quite a challenge. It’s something that NN TFI has long grappled with. Regulatory compliance requires that a client must buy at least one fund upon opening an account. Thus, easy product selection is of paramount importance to investment fund companies. And this is where the problem starts. With several dozen funds on offer, how can these companies help a client close a purchase – and stay with the company?

"On-line sales is a never-ending process of testing user behavior and making corrections and improvements [to the system]. To promptly respond to our clients' expectations – in this case - the needs of users we needed an intuitive system, one that’s easy to navigate and can lead investors through the registration process and the selection of funds. As service owners, we wanted the designed paths to support the quick deployment of conversion-boosting improvements".

Magdalena Markowska

Marketing and eCommerce Director

NN Investment Partners TFI

What was implemented

  • Three independent purchasing paths (beginner, intermediate, expert).
  • An advanced filter, through which the client can personalize their choices.
  • Blending several purchasing mechanisms into one coherent process.
  • A mobile version (SPA and PWA).
  • Integration with the client’s identity video verification system, with easy shifting from the desktop path to the mobile path (mobile devices have higher quality cameras).
  • Profit calculation, using authentic historical data.

The customer experience, which was implemented by e-point, also includes the architecture layer oriented towards microservices and microfrontends. Thanks to this, any part of the process may be "lifted out" and used in another place or another system. This makes the application light and its development and maintenance significantly cheaper.

"We plan on growing our business and increasing sales, consequently, we’re also expanding our application’s user base. Thus, we decided to base our architecture on microservices. They help us to achieve much greater productivity, and the application itself is more reliable. The technologies employed result in the new onboarding and sales system functioning smoothly on various device types, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops".

Tomasz Sułek

Technology and Transformation Director

NN Investment Partners TFI


The entire project was run using the Scrum framework, which had an impressive effect on the final result. Close cooperation of the e-point project team and the NN TFI product owner (who worked onsite at e-point for a few months) made delivering the application in the scheduled time possible. This close relationship allowed us to control all potential project threats (e.g. downtime due to lack of proper decision-making), the scope control also helped control the project budget.

"The project confirms that our idea of long-term cooperation with clients makes sense and can benefit both parties. Owing to mutual trust and partner-like attitudes, we were able to create a product that’s the opening base for NN TFI’s client relations hips. Focusing on the business needs of our partner and understanding them is always a starting point the project success".

Konrad Zimoląg

Board Member, Head of Banking and Financial Division

e-point SA

The platform owned by NN Investment Partners (now Goldman Sachs Group) increased fund sales by 153% in 12 months (compared to the same period).



Using Docker accelerated the project’s development and implementation in the testing and production environment. To ensure high accessibility for particular containers, we decided to use e-point’s project orchestration platform dedicated to Docker-based projects - OKD (Kubernetes distribution; RedHat Openshift upstream version). The entire infrastructure is maintained in the e-point hosting environment.


Java 11 PostgreSQL
Spring Boot Docker
React.js Spring Cloud Gateway
Apache Artemis Consul

Project scope

  • Front preparation in React.js (mobile, desktop)
  • Backend in microservice architecture

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