CMS and SAP Integration Supports Leifheit's Expansion


New portal helps customers in 11 countries simplify their entire buying journey, from awareness to purchase

12 Mar 2020

Leifheit has launched a new portal which provides users with expert knowledge and facilitates shopping. A tight integration of e-commerce, the portal and the blog makes the entire process - from the information search to payment - a lot more smooth and intuitive.



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About Leifheit

For 60 years Leifheit has been a leading supplier of household products for cleaning, ironing and drying, kitchen appliances and well-being articles. The company employs about 1100 people and ships products to 80 countries worldwide.


The new portal delivers on Leifheit's image-building purpose as well as ensures model Customer Experience and reinforces pro-sales website features. That is why the portal's content management system (CMS) had to allow editors to smoothly edit and post various types of content. Moreover, it was paramount to expand the existing functionalities using different modules, such as a form creator or event calendar.

The international nature of the project was also very important during implementation. The new portal was first launched in Poland, followed by Germany and will ultimately comprise 11 countries in which Leifheit has its operations.


What are the functions of the new portal? First of all it should support sales and marketing activities, running promotional campaigns, contests and communication of the events organised by the company. These needs could only be served by an advanced content management system, so e-point CMS was chosen - an original solution by e-point.

What is more, it was of high priority that the solution could integrate with SAP Commerce. It will allow the portal to present (e.g. on expert article pages) specific products, using directly the data contained in SAP Hybris.

Why e-point CMS?

e-point CMS is an advanced portal development tool in which page edition is done in a visual editor. Owing to this, the editor may modify each page element without any help from the programmer and at any one time view the website on any device. The solution also accounts for the system integration with other platforms.


Project work started from running a survey which allowed e-point to achieve an in-depth understanding of Leifheit, its activity and clients. Based on that, the implemented e-point CMS system could be closely customised for company purposes, allowing for easier content management and a wide scope of personalisation. As a result the new portal offers among others:

  • a consistent layout - adjusting the company blog to the rest of Leifheit's service so that the readers can always remain within the store,
  • shorter time of editing and implementing content,
  • more product promotion opportunities,
  • more effective customer communication paths.

CMS has been also integrated with the product base in SAP Commerce through a highly scalable news broker Apache Kafka, which made it possible to manage data coming from multiple sources. Due to that, it can directly use the data to display information on the website.

The project also involved the application of a new original e-point product - e2m storefront. It helped to customise the portal to the PWA standard, thanks to which, irrelevant of the device used, the user was able to always receive the same content and functionality in a consistent form.

e2m storefront as a key to PWA

e2m storefront is a plug-and-play interface for the existing and new e-commerce stores which can significantly boost their efficiency and adjust the view to the user's device.


Implementation of e-point CMS has facilitated the management of e-commerce, customer communication and conducting marketing activities. Due to this, Leifheit may, among others, easier manage content on the website, more efficiently inform about promotions and events or faster create dedicated landing pages.

“e-point provided a solution tailored to our needs. Now, we add and edit content even faster, so we can better meet the needs of our customers. At the same time, CMS is easy to use and smoothly integrates with our other tools”.

Karina Mosbach

Junior Online Marketing Manager


This implementation from the very start accounted for the international nature of Lefheit's operations. The service allows for easy and fast adjustment to the requirements of various markets. Depending on the needs of particular locations, the company may easily personalise the parameters such as:

  • URL addresses, 
  • offers, 
  • currencies.

Moreover, thanks to e-point's experience in working with SAP products, Leifheit feels very confident about any new tools being seamlessly compliant with the solutions applied before the project started.

e-point SA is the first Polish company to receive a Conversion Optimization certificate


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