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Why work with us?

Business Continuity Guaranteed

By implementing a comprehensive succession plan, we ensure continuous service delivery even if key developers are unexpectedly absent. You get peace of mind knowing that there are always backup resources.

Highly Qualified Candidates

We have 250+ dedicated experts, and we’re actively recruiting new ones. We can quickly provide capable developers that match your requirements, reducing time-to-hire and ensuring the best fit for your project.

IT & Business Consulting

We understand both the business and technology context of your project. When you work with us, you get an ally who will support you in achieving your business goals and delivering IT solutions.

Robust Security Standards

We have 25+ years of experience working for the most regulated and demanding industries, like banking, insurance, government, and healthcare. Security is always our priority.

250+ IT experts

500+ projects

25+ years experience

e-point Talent Solution Offerings

Team Leasing

Hire an entire team of skilled developers

We take care of recruiting, managing, and providing the necessary infrastructure for the team. You can focus on your core business while we handle the rest.

Our team members have a history of working together, building trust and familiarity over the years. This leads to a quick and efficient project start, smooth communication, and seamless cooperation.

 Cross-functional agile teams

Low rotation rate

Dedicated project manager

Full commitment to your project

Fast Project Kickstart

Team Augmentation

Elevate your team's performance with verified IT talent

Our recruitment process ensures the efficient integration of experts into your workforce. All candidates undergo a technical interview led by a senior developer. Only verified professionals who meet your requirements join your team.

We provide a dedicated project manager who secures fast onboarding for new developers, comprehensive knowledge transfer, and an effective succession plan to guarantee business continuity.

 Minimum hiring budget

Reduced time-to-hire

Internal technical review

High conversion rate 

Fast onboarding process

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 Spring Cloud Gateway



 Oracle DB



Mobile (IOS, Android)


 React Native

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I choose e-point (a software house) instead of an outsourcing agency?

    As a software house, we have a deep understanding of the industry and can provide expertise tailored to your project needs.


    Our large and diverse pool of IT professionals guarantees business continuity. We always have someone on board who can quickly replace an absent person.


    We’ve hired +250 skilled experts, and we handle knowledge transfer between projects. This allows us to create code, but it also allows us to advise you on business practices and technology solutions. You can come to us with a problem and we’ll help you to solve it.


    Moreover, we appreciate long-term partnerships and take full responsibility for your project. You can always count on our support, even when the initial project is finished.

  • Why should I hire the e-point team for my project?

    We work with people we know and trust. Our employees stay with us for years; some even return after exploring other career opportunities.


    Despite job market challenges, we maintain a low rotation rate among our developers. We achieve this by using the Gallup methodology to discover their talents, offering internal career growth and advancement programs, and building relationships outside of work through our Interest Guilds.


    e-point team members have a history of working together, which means an efficient project start and effective collaboration. We share knowledge and experience from various projects, so we can advise you on business as well as technical issues.


    We are driven by a culture of accountability in everything we do. As a team, we take responsibility for the product we deliver. We strive to feel proud about our work.


    When you hire our team, you can be confident that you will meet only professionals with the soft skills and technical chops you need.

  • What does your recruitment process for team augmentation look like?

    Custom software development is our core business, so we've perfected our IT staff recruitment process over the years.


    In all team augmentation projects, we provide a dedicated recruiter and enlist experienced senior developers for the tech review. We offer daily status updates to our clients to keep them informed.


    Our unique onboarding process ensures a fast project start and smooth transitions. When you’re working with us, you don't have to worry about downtime due to developers' absence.

  • What kind of engagement models do you provide?

    We offer flexible engagement models and various contracts to fit our client's needs. You can choose from:

    • Fixed-Price
    • Time and Material (T&M)
    • Offshore Development Center (ODC)
    • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    • Hybrid Model
    • And more
  • What are your security standards?

    We take information security seriously. Our policies are regularly reviewed and updated. All our employees receive security training, and we have external companies conduct audits and tests. We provide our developers with secure laptops, eliminating their use of personal equipment. And we follow OWASP guidelines to ensure our systems' safety against common vulnerabilities.

  • Can we collaborate remotely?

    Yes, absolutely! We work with clients from all over the world, regardless of their location or time zone. Whether it's remote or in-person, our teams can collaborate effortlessly and deliver projects on time.

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