UX design for e-commerce


We study

We employ quantitative and qualitative methods to understand how the user operates the system and what goals he pursues. We can spot behaviour patterns, discover problems and verify hypotheses or design decisions.

We trust the principle: test small, test often. It is vital to run surveys on a smaller group at various stages of the design. Thanks to integrating them into the design process we may stay agile while verifying hypotheses and make better choices.

  • utility research
  • website user behaviour analysis
  • on-line surveys
  • ux audit
  • omnichannel audit

We design

We have extensive experience in developing modern e-commerce systems from scratch as well as in running multi-dimension redesign projects.

We care for engaging communication at every stage of the customer journey. We have a perfect understanding of the IT context. We customise our methodology to individual needs of each client.

  • exploration workshop
  • designing information architecture
  • prototyping
  • process maps (user flows)
  • graphic design

We optimise

We believe that good UX relies on data and research. Thus, we recommend continuous e-commerce system development.

We specialise in streamlining customer journey paths, thanks to which you can offer the best buying experience to your clients and increase on-line conversion.

  • A/B tests
  • multivariation tests
  •  customer journey optimisation
  • abandoned cart optimisation
  • research programme based on optimisation rounds


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