New Site Section Boosts Komfort Customer Engagement

Komfort SA

For "Inspirations", linking information with the product catalog increased page views by over 200 percent

21 Feb 2018

Komfort, the largest Polish flooring retail chain, increased Customer Engagement by optimizing “Inspirations” section and linking it closely to product catalog. These improvements address the needs of modern consumers, who begin their customer journey by searching for inspirations online.

About Komfort

Komfort, part of the Michał Sołowow Group (MSG), entered the market 25 years ago and sells products through its network of over 150 (own and franchise) shops throughout the country and its online store at The brand has been intensively growing its omnichannel e-commerce based on the SAP Hybris Commerce technology.

Komfort SA



"We believe that online tools are gaining importance when it comes to making decisions regarding interior design and decorating, therefore we’re investing heavily in this channel".

Wojciech Kiestrzyń

Chief Operating Officer of Komfort stores


Understanding Omnichannel Customer Journey

It is becoming more and more common for consumers to begin their buying journeys online. Especially when shopping for high-cost items, customers prefer doing research and looking for inspirations on the internet. They want to gain the necessary knowledge at their own pace and to be assured, for example, that their carpet selection will match the style of their home before they visit brick-and-mortar store or make a purchase online. This behavior changes the furniture and interior decorating industry.

Komfort’s goal in redesign its e-commerce “Inspirations” sections, therefore, was to attract customers looking for new interior design ideas online - those who are at the very beginning of their customer journeys.

Objective: Increase Customer Engagement

The purpose of the new “Inspirations” section was to increase engagement of those customers who, undecided at the moment, are searching for ideas. By linking inspirational photographs directly to specific products in their product catalog, Komfort streamlined the route from inspiration to purchase, either online or after a visit to a physical store. In other words, the new section is more engaging for customers and encourages them to stay on the page, see more products and finally buy. To measure it, two basic KPIs were applied:

  • Number of pageviews
  • Average time spent on the website

Customer engagement must translate into higher sales, of course. This correlation was measured using the average shopping cart value.

Redesign of the “Inspirations” Section

Redesigned section displays a flooring product in a specific interior design and allows to quickly share the product via social media (in order to get an opinion from friends and/or save it on Pinterest). When looking at a given inspiration one can see specific products linked to a it as well as other, related inspirations. Customer can easily browse for other inspirations and eventually move to the next step of her journey: entering the product catalogue.

Also on the product pages in the catalog users can find links to relevant inspirations so those considering carpet or wooden flooring can immediately see various interior arrangements featuring specific Komfort products, helping them to assess their suitability to their own interiors.

The new version of the “Inspirations” section is also responsive and can be conveniently viewed on any device.

e-point SA is the first Polish company to receive a Conversion Optimization certificate



The new Inspirations section was launched in July 2016.

After its launch, the following was observed (in comparison to the previous version, data from July - August 2016)

  • 249% increase in number of pageviews
  • 205% increase in average time spent in the section

Redesign of “Inspirations” sections realistically translates into higher sales. Users who visited this section show a higher conversion rate and higher average order value. Average shopping cart value for users who viewed Komfort’s Inspirations before making a purchase is higher by 11% than the average order value, whereas for users who began their customer journey by viewing Komfort’s “Inspirations”, the average order value is 82% higher than the overall average (data for May - July 2017).

Cooperation with e-point

In the aforementioned process, e-point was responsible for:

  • UX design
  • Consulting in the field of customer engagement design and digital marketing
  • Analytics
  • Web development

In addition, e-point provides ongoing comprehensive support to Komfort in the areas of maintenance and development of the e-commerce platform based on the SAP Hybris Commerce.

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