Customer support


Implementing a portal, e-commerce system, or any other system takes a lot of hard work from many specialists. But once it’s done and you’ve celebrated a successful implementation… real life begins. This is when ensuring your site’s or app’s uninterrupted accessibility and keeping everything up to date starts.

In other words, the work is never really over. 

Frequently, there are reality checks in the form of tiny (and not-so-tiny) alterations and updates. It makes sense to bundle such changes into a permanent support package – one that eliminates the need to process an agreement for every new change. 

What does our customer support service include?

This service can include various types of work related to the system. These do not pose an interruption risk, but they must be implemented for business reasons. Our specialists offer a wide range of assistance and advisory services, including: 

Reports and guidance

  • Basic analytics, product data reports, or reports on how users apply the system.
  • Checking logs for specific IPs, i.e. as part of an anti-fraud analysis.
  • Lists of unused user accounts.
  • Insights on the application of business solutions.
  • Assistance and explanations for system maintenance, including written instructions or short training sessions.

Example: A client has implemented a new delivery or payment method. After some time, they want to see how many people have used this method.


  • Introducing new content. 
  • Making alterations to the existing body of work.
  • Changing contact data.
  • Making editorial corrections or file replacements.

Example: After moving to a new location, a client needs to update their business address on their website and in other places covered by the service.


  • Creating simple visuals, icons, or graphics.
  • Making temporary changes to visualizations. 
  • Supporting short-term promotions.
  • Publishing temporary announcement banners.

Example: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an online store’s delivery times were significantly longer.  They asked us to promptly add a banner informing customers of the situation.

Site (developer-side)

These are changes which, because of the system structure, cannot be made by a content manager. However, making the changes is fast and easy and the customer prefers not to wait until the end of the sprint. 

Example: A client requests the removal of a payment or delivery method or needs a temporary pop-up with an important announcement. 

What are the benefits of e-point’s customer support package?

  • Quick results.
  • Saves time – no need for an individual quote for every change.
  • Allows the focus to stay on development rather than maintenance.
  • Provides access to experienced specialists.
  • Constant communication while changes are implemented.

The scope of services included in the package is tailored to your unique needs and provides tangible benefits. Both parties agree on what’s covered. 

We deliver our services in compliance with ITIL 4 best practices and have the necessary certificates.

Payment models

  • As needed, according to per-specialist rates. Each settlement is for a given period based on a report of completed tasks.
  • A permanent monthly package, based on a certain number of hours.


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