A Customer-Friendly New Portal for BGZ BNP Paribas Bank

Using a content-driven approach to burnish the bank's brand and provide a better user experience

18 Jan 2017

BGŻ BNP Paribas (currently Bank BNP Paribas) has redesigned its website in order to update its image and to improve usability.

The new website offers a unique customer experience and actively supports sales. The scale of the undertaking, i.e. the sheer size of the website and the large quantity of data it contains, posed a real challenge. The e-point team – comprised of experts in internet solutions for the banking sector - was entrusted with the completion of the task.

BGŻ BNP Paribas


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  • Update the image of BGŻ BNP Paribas
  • Develop the sales-oriented character of the website
  • Offer a model customer experience


  • Scale of the project: over 1,000 subpages, several hundred banking products, various types of content
  • Large and diversified audience(universal bank)


  • A modern website, ranking among the best in the industry
  • User-friendly tool for managing the extensive offering and content
  • Harmonious combination of business functionality (sales-oriented website) and technology (CMS) objectives

"We were looking for a technology partner who understands our business objectives and the specific character of the financial sector".

Radosław Kozłowski

Director of Sales & Marketing, Digital


- It was our aim not only to come up with a modern website incorporating the latest in design trends, but - first and foremost - we intended to make the process of identifying and selecting banking products easier for our customers, thus rendering the website an important sales-stimulating tool.

A diversified target audience

BGŻ BNP Paribas continues to grow dynamically and strives to attract new customers from a variety of groups, including individuals, corporations, micro entrepreneurs, as well as farmers and food processing companies. BGŻ BNP Paribas is the bank of choice for the most demanding Private Banking sector customers.

The new website had to answer the needs of all target groups, while remaining a coherent and integrated solution.

Technology used

e-point CMS

e-point CMS supports Responsive Web Design, which is an approach to web design in which all pages are automatically adjusted to the size of the device screen and to the web browser used.

e-point’s proprietary CMS solution enables effective and comfortable content management and editing. The website’s pages are compiled with ready-to-use components that resemble building blocks. An extensive authorization system, in turn, makes it possible for numerous editors to work on different parts of the website, or to order the selected tasks from outside agencies.

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Content-driven design

The process of designing a website starts with communication-related principles, i.e. determining what information to convey to the users. Once the team identifies the content to be delivered, the correct form of presenting the content is chosen. Such an approach is known as content-driven design: it focuses on customer needs to provide a truly unique customer experience.

The e-point team took a detailed inventory of the bank’s current website content, and then categorized the content into a new structure. Despite the sheer size of the product portfolio, this crucial step informed the rest of the solution-building process since it ensured an intuitive, easy-to-learn process flow to the website. Customers could now take out a loan or open a savings account and identify the required documents through a simplified user interface. Contacting the bank’s staff is easy as well: telephone, e-mail, chat or contact form channels are all available. All forms used throughout the website have been integrated with the bank’s lead management and customer support tools.

e-point SA is the first Polish company to receive a Conversion Optimization certificate


Sales-oriented approach

Restructuring the content fosters the sales-oriented character of the website. Each page was designed to support the customer’s decision-making process. The website provides easy-to-use pre-purchase research tools that facilitate identification of the right product or service, presents its advantages and assists customers in making the final choice.

In addition, messages and buttons on the pages have been streamlined and special and time-limited offers are now highlighted to maximize effectiveness. The e-point team conducted a series of UX surveys comprising task-oriented tests, in-depth interviews and card sorting to ensure that the solutions are clear and legible for all user groups.

In the future, the product sites will be enhanced to enable customers to share their comments on a given type of loan or deposit, making it easier for other consumers to make the right choice.

- The best websites not only look attractive, but are spot-on in terms of meeting the expectations of their users. While working on this project, we combined a number of elements - from marketing and customer service, to complex IT solutions - says Wawrzniec Hyska, Director for Financial Sector, e-point S.A.

"We are convinced that BGŻ BNP Paribas has just joined the top league of online banking players".

Wawrzyniec Hyska

Director for Financial Sector


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