Inter Cars and e-point: improving the international e-commerce integration experience


Inter Cars, Europe’s leading car parts distributor, and e-point have reached an exciting milestone - the addition of four new countries to Inter Car’s e-commerce system. Now the platform is used in 9 countries.

Four new countries, one operation

The new Inter Cars e-commerce system allows garage employees to quickly and easily identify and order replacement parts. It is a practical tool for daily use.  Embedded within it are several unique functions, such as delivery estimations and real time logistics and financial information. The project became the first in Poland (and the biggest in Europe) to use SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud.


Inter Cars: B2B e-commerce platform
for 16 countries

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In December 2018, the system was launched in four new countries: Romania, Moldova, Hungary, and Slovenia. At present, it operates on nine markets along with Greece, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovakia. It ultimately will be used in all 18 countries where Inter Cars operates and will replace existing e-commerce applications by 2020. In Poland, it will make its debut in the first quarter of 2019.

Developed to save time and money on further expansion

The e-point team designed this system in such a way that subsequent rollouts will run as smoothly as possible.  New implementations do not require developer changes, just integration with the corresponding ERP systems.  (Of course, content has to be translated as well; Inter Cars uses the e-point tool L10N for that.)  We were able to implement those four new countries during one operation, with the goal of ensuring business continuity and mitigating risk.  Such a process is usually time-consuming and very complicated – requiring E2E tests between the e-commerce system and the ERP system of the new country, verifying product data accuracy in the new language, performing regression tests, and doing User Acceptance tests with the new sales teams.  It makes sense to optimize it as much as possible.  In this case, it took a mere four days.

"Launching the system in the four new countries happened smoothly and quickly during a four-day go-live event featuring Inter Cars and e-point teams in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Both salespeople and technology experts cooperated to make it a success. This involved the preparation, launch, and verification of business processes – during the meeting, real users placed orders in the system to make sure it worked as planned".

Momchil Kovachev

Chief Digital Officer

Inter Cars

Working for more than just awards

It’s worth mentioning that recently the system had won the Gold in two contests: (SAP Quality Awards in the CEE region and the Polish Project Excellence Award).  In fact, this is the second time that e-point’s work on an international e-commerce system has been recognized by the Polish Project Excellence Award.

Like all organizations, we appreciate receiving recognition for a quality product, but that’s not why we work so hard.  To us, customer satisfaction and meeting business goals are the highest priorities. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with Inter Cars and other companies towards ever-better solutions to business needs.