BIK's New Responsive Website Boosts Customer Satisfaction


Updated tech and user-friendly platform gives customers a wide range of supported devices

30 Jan 2017

BIK (Biuro Informacji Kredytowej – Credit Information Bureau) collects, integrates, processes and makes available data on the credit history of individuals and organizations.

This allows banking customers to build a favorable credit history and enables the banks to protect themselves against unreliable borrowers.

BIK’s database contains information on 137 million accounts owned by 24 million individual clients, as well as information about the credit history of 1.1 million companies and other entities.

BIK’s individual customers have been able to take advantage of its services for a few years now, via the portal. Until recently, the BIK portal relied on older technologies and failed to cater for the needs of mobile devices. Users who accessed the website with a device other than a desktop PC encountered problems while trying to use different sections of the portal.



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Why this project was implemented

It was our goal to make sure that the new portal helped create the image of a modern and trustworthy financial institution.

"It was quite a challenge to come up with a platform presenting BIK’s offering targeted for various market segments and customer groups. This means that a new architecture of the information system had to be designed, and that the user interface had to be revamped altogether".

Marcin Gozdek

Director, Retail Market Department


He adds that due to technical restrictions, running the old portal posed a number of challenges. - We were not able to manage the platform’s content or functionalities in an efficient manner.

That is why the BIK Group decided to draw upon e-point’s experience.

- We decided to establish cooperation with e-point primarily due to the company’s experience in working with financial sector players. Competence in User Experience and interaction design were the two factors that we valued the most – underlines Bartłomiej Matecki, Retail Market Department Expert, BIK. e-point has been the driving force behind implementations for such companies as ING, BGŻ BNP Paribas, Raiffeisen Bank, Bank Pekao, Bank Pocztowy, Mennica Polska or the business service platform.

Technology used

e-point CMS

e-point CMS supports Responsive Web Design, which is an approach to web design in which all pages are automatically adjusted to the size of the device screen and to the web browser used.

e-point’s proprietary CMS solution enables effective and comfortable content management and editing. The website’s pages are compiled with ready-to-use components that resemble building blocks. An extensive authorization system, in turn, makes it possible for numerous editors to work on different parts of the website, or to order the selected tasks from outside agencies.

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How work on the project progressed

The process of designing the portal was preceded by an in-depth analysis of the BIK Group’s offering. A detailed stock of the products and services offered had to be taken. Then, all the data collected had to be analyzed and understood, and finally the goal to be achieved was set.

- It was of key importance to identify the paths that website users followed and to determine their needs – says Michał Waszkiewicz, Strategist, e-point. – The architecture of the information system had to be realigned properly to reflect the needs of customers, instead of the institution’s organizational structure. Such a shift in the general approach is often introduced while working on complex websites. Contrary to what one might expect, customers are interested in the business offer, but it has to be presented in the context of their real needs.

We commenced the process of designing the new website by holding the “Discovery & Planning” workshop that enabled the team to understand the offering and to define the target group. Then, the architecture of the information presentation system was created, and the overall graphic interface concept was devised.

During the design phase, it was necessary to assess the mock-ups in terms of User Experience – indicates Urszula Malewska, Usability Research Specialist, e-point. – We conducted two task-based test runs with certain elements of customer-specific, in-depth interviews. A post-research survey was relied upon as well. That is how we determined whether the new layout of the website was clear and legible.

e-point SA is the first Polish company to receive a Conversion Optimization certificate



In the website redesign project created a modern and functional website that fully meets RWD standards, that is, a website that is clearly legible regardless of the size of the screen or the type of the device used.

The new portal makes it possible to browse BIK’s offering quickly and efficiently. While presenting the products and services offered for individual customers, we placed a great emphasis on the flagship products of Biuro Informacji Kredytowej: BIK Reports, BIK Alerts and Blocking one’s ID document. Such a solution allows the customers to become familiar with the bestsellers within the range, and encourages them to try out the individual services for their own purposes.

"The business potential of the website by far exceeds that of the previous version of the portal. Although not much time has passed since the completion of the project, some advantageous shifts in user behaviors can be already observed. We will keep developing the portal by adding more elements and functionalities".

Bartłomiej Matecki

Retail Market Department Expert


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