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Hella + Health

Designing a user-friendly and compelling interface for the insurtech company’s customer-facing website

22 Jun 2022

Transforming the Medicare Buying Experience. In the US, seniors (people over 65) often enroll in Medicare, government-backed medical insurance. However, choosing the right plan and ensuring that it has all the coverage needed can be very difficult.

Hella + Health


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Hella + Health (H+H) is a digital tool that helps seniors navigate Medicare and all its options. Its aim is to empower American seniors as they shop for Medicare coverage, using technology to simplify and streamline the experience.

Audomo & Hella + Health

Our client for this project was Audomo, an American company that specializes in innovative technological solutions for the financial and insurance industry. Audomo anchors these solutions in a customer needs analysis and implementing innovative technological solutions.

The launch of Hella+Health’s digital platform addresses the needs of contemporary seniors who are keen on employing technological advancements in their lives.

Bringing Simplicity to the American Health Insurance Market

The American health insurance system is quite complex and requires a lot of information from its users. Even for Medicare, there are many solutions available; seniors often have to use an agent or consultant to help them make sense of all the options. Additionally, plan details are very complicated and full of technical jargon; it can be difficult and time-consuming to make informed decisions about insurance coverage.

In response to these difficulties, Audomo launched Hella + Health. This platform has two revolutionary features: a Medicare personal shopper (that helps seniors enter information and uses AI to personalize plan recommendations) and a Medicare coach (which explains insurance options in simple terms). Audomo teamed up with e-point to ensure that the customer experience (CX) was simple and user-friendly. The resulting platform allows users to research Medicare plans, enter their data, review and compare their options, and analyze plan components.

How to create a self-service?

5 implementation examples for market leaders


Hella + Health is integrated with:

government website

This allows users to automatically import their medical information (i.e. prescriptions, doctors’ names, etc.) directly into Hella + Health.

Third-party API

which supports the online purchase of health insurance plans in the US. Users can buy their plan(s) through the H+H platform.


The project work was divided into four stages; early stages used the Agile methodology, while the final stages used Waterfall.

Technology stack


Instead of wading through complex Medicare insurance plan details or detailed conversations with consultants, American seniors can use Hella + Health to find healthcare coverage. Thanks to a thoughtfully-designed interface, the process is simple and intuitive; users can even filter plans and make their purchase on the site.

With Hella + Health, choosing medical insurance is faster, less stressful, and much more effective. This digital platform puts seniors in control; plus, it’s safe, trusted, and convenient.

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