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Is it possible to open a bank account in a couple of minutes? It is – as proven by Raiffeisen Polbank, where you can open a Dream Account (Konto Wymarzone) entirely online.

To open an account, you need to fill in a form based on ActiveForms and the BPM system provided by e-point SA. Several months ago, Raiffeisen Polbank, our regular customer, set us a new task: to integrate ActiveForms with their internal banking systems so that the clients could open an account in world-record time. We were also asked to design an omnichannel solution, i.e. a system of communication between product access channels where the client can easily perform the same actions in each of them. That way, if the client performs a bank operation on a tablet, he can easily get back to it on another device, e.g. a smartphone or a desktop computer.

Raiffeisen Polbank


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Technology used

Active Forms

ActiveForms is a professional tool for creating and running web forms.

Forms can be used for marketing (landing pages, lead generation campaigns), e-commerce or customer service.

The tool reduces both costs and implementation time and allows for creating any kind of forms, real-time validation of the input and conversion optimization.

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It’s really that easy

The entire account opening procedure has been cut down to an absolute minimum, for both private individuals and entrepreneurs. The account may also be opened on any device.

The bank gives the client a choice as to how to enter into an agreement:

  • To use a courier service and put a written signature to the documents generated by the form
  • To finalise the procedure entirely online, with data being verified by a transfer from an existing account

The form is really intuitive and guides the client through the entire procedure, dividing it into stages and minimising the risk of any mistakes.

After filling in all fields with personal data, the client selects additional services with the account (e.g. the type of payment card or a contactless payment sticker) and the bank from which they will make the 1 PLN authorisation transfer. The latter is to verify the client’s identity.

If the client’s current bank supports Pay-By-Link payments, the client does not have to fill in the transfer data, the account number, the recipient’s data or the amount transferred. All the information will be provided automatically.

Following the operation:

  • Raiffeisen Polbank is given the authorisation to open an account
  • The client receives a text message with access data for the account

The result?

  • Massive sales of the Dream Account (Konto Wymarzone), with a good conversion rate
  • Highly graded functions of the sales tool
  • Omnichannel retailing
  • Instant communication between systems

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