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Integrating ActiveForms with business process management and banking systems for better customer experience

26 May 2015

We started with a simple form. Now we develop a support project for key business processes in the Bank.

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Technology used

Active Forms

ActiveForms is a professional tool for creating and running web forms.

Forms can be used for marketing (landing pages, lead generation campaigns), e-commerce or customer service.

The tool reduces both costs and implementation time and allows for creating any kind of forms, real-time validation of the input and conversion optimization.

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One Online Form for a Start

It began with the need for a mortgage online campaign. The campaign was to collect a maximum number of contacts for potential borrowers through the landing page. By using ActiveForms, within a few days we launched the first form in many different versions, which were also landing pages for campaigns.

Although the forms built on the basis of ActiveForms are hosted on external servers, they are available through a secure connection in the Bank's domain. This configuration guarantees that the customer will always be navigating within while the Bank does not have to worry about arranging hosting services for its web forms.

Hundreds of Web Forms

After the success of the first campaign, Raiffeisen Polbank decided to expand its sales strategy to new forms using the same outsourcing model. These were forms both within landing pages as well as more complex forms selling specific products, such as "application for an account". Many of the forms are designed in two layouts to embed them both in the website ( and a mobile solution (

Web Form for Corporate Sales

The biggest challenge was to implement the forms for corporate clients. The Bank needed to enable contract printing for companies who use its services. The form containing all the annexes is so huge that it consists of 1703 fields and 946 logical conditions, and a print template is 92 pages long. Of course, the printouts are adjusted to the options chosen by the Bank's customer. Users can save the form and return to it later and a Bank officer is able to easily correct errors. ActiveForms proved once again to be extremely user-friendly.

Thousands of Submitted Forms to be Processed

When the number of forms grew to several dozen and the number of submitted forms to several thousand a month, it was necessary to extend the project by a processing subsystem. The system can specify an infinite number of statuses for the form submitted, and all staff involved in request processing can change the application status. That is how the LEADer system works - it is very simple and flexible while it gives great opportunities for business web applications.

LEADer Functionality

LEADer permits definition of the maximum service time for each application and shows alerts for delayed actions to control service quality. The system can also send automatic e-mails regarding the status. LEADer allows data changing for data quality control. Acquisition process is also supported - there are contact forms linked with complex sales forms available for customers and sales consultants. The solution is flexible enough to support not only online sales, but also internal actions and processes, such as scripts for Call Center calls.

Integration with ActiveForms through Open API

Although LEADer supports the applications generated and maintained in the system ActiveForms, it is a separate application. The integration between the two systems is provided by open APIs in ActiveForms. The most interesting element of this integration is the transmission of the description of web form structure. It allows display of the list of applications sorted by the selected form field, such as directing a request to the department according to the address of the applicant, or the configuration of the automatic mailings.

From a few to more than 1000 Users

LEADer was initially planned as an application supporting the work of a small team in the Call Center that supports Internet applications. However, very soon it became clear that it needed a much larger number of departments. After several months of implementation, the application had 1200 users LEADer in the Bank.

Integration with Internet Banking

The next step was to provide the forms to customers in the Internet Banking System (SBI). The customer is redirected to the appropriate form, which is automatically filled with appropriate details. The customer must only add the missing data to determine the parameters and options for the selected product. Upon application, the customer is redirected back to the banking system without having to log in again. By integrating ActiveForms with Internet Banking System, the Bank achieves unusual flexibility in the development of new products, cross- and up-selling. Addition or modification of a new product is now faster than ever and takes place without the need to expand the SBI, which ensures the desired stability of operation.

Integrations – a response to the time revolution

Even while we are enjoying yet another implementation success, inevitably there comes a moment in which everyone suddenly realizes the prevailing need for speed: customers want to open their accounts quickly, talk to a consultant quickly, and have their contracts signed quickly. This is the moment in which we know that only the further integration of LEADer with the bank’s other systems can automate processes to a degree that will allow us to beat world records in customer service speed.

Integration with the call centre system made it possible for the customer to receive a call from the consultant a few seconds after submitting an application. This is the moment in which to capitalize on the opportunity and finalize the sale. Integration with the account opening systems brought customer service to an even higher level – now you can open a bank account online, in just a few minutes, and all this with the use of ActiveForms.

In the meantime, we have conducted many campaigns, integrating with the bank’s partners that were cross-selling the bank’s products using their own services. Marketing capabilities are virtually unlimited when using the combo:  ActiveForms + LEADer.

Not only commerce

2016 brought the next big challenge to the banks: the Family 500+ program and the ability for customers to apply for this subsidy directly from the electronic banking system. Again, we were up to the task, and, within 4 weeks, we integrated with the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy, created an advanced application form, and helped Raiffeisen become one of the leaders of the banks that implemented the system.

It didn’t take long for another similar project to emerge: this time it was the PIT WZ form, which allows customers to send their annual tax return form to the Tax Office directly from the electronic banking system.

What's next?

Everything! Building the processes and implementing successive, innovative sales methods at Raiffeisen is the biggest motivator for us, and we are eager to take on new challenges.

We can also help your company. Write to us and we will analyze your business needs and determine how to improve the employee and customer experience.

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