Application maintenance



  • Handling production applications.
  • Ensuring an application’s smooth operation and the ongoing elimination of production errors (either reported by the client or spotted internally, depending on which you choose).  
  • Preventing potential future errors.

This includes:

  • Problems arising from a growing volume of applications (e.g. data, website traffic).
  • Errors deriving from external systems.
  • Functional errors.
  • Adjusting applications to newer browser versions.
  • Apparent errors.

  Technologies and tools

environment monitoring

application monitoring


SLA efficiency monitoring

 Who should use this service?

Companies that have systems and applications whose unplanned inaccessibility could lead to tangible financial and image losses.

  Why choose e-point?

We have extensive experience in maintaining e-commerce systems, banking portals, and numerous other applications. Our experts specialize in maintenance and use procedures that guarantee application continuity. Our experienced and responsible team view their service work as a challenge, not an unwelcome burden.

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