Paweł Łąka

Project Director


Project Director at e-point. Paweł deals with information management systems and conducting development processes of essential IT systems. He has many years of experience in the design of IT systems with an emphasis on cyber security.

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29 Oct 2019Paweł Łąka3min

[report] How do manufacturers manage product information?

A report by e-point and PMR
26 Jun 2019Paweł Łąka3min

IAM: identity management in practice

18 Apr 2019Paweł Łąka7min

Product information management

When and why to implement
International ExpansionPIMB2BE-commerce
09 Jan 2019Paweł Łąka4min

The risks of not having an Identity and Access Management system

04 Jul 2018Paweł Łąka4min

Why is it worth building an authentication system based on microservices?

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