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Migration of wOkularach.pl to e-point’s Private Cloud environment

10 Oct 2023

Owing to its steady development, the company wOkularach.pl faced a challenge: ensuring equipment efficiency and productivity, safety, technological compliance with other store components, support and maintenance cost predictability.

As a result of this, the company decided to hire e-point’s specialists to administer its system infrastructure.



About the client

wOkularach.pl is a Polish company specializing in the sales and promotion of eyewear for excellent sight correction. Using a virtual trying-on room, clients can easily choose their frames without having to leave the house.

Hosting problems cause a slump in sales

This implementation is not our first commission for wOkularach.pl: last year we streamlined the mobile and desktop versions of wOkularach.pl, as well as enhancing the UX/UI.

The client approached us following problems with the existing administrator, which seriously affected its business. These included:

  • No steady administration of the server infrastructure
  • A rising number of infrastructure service cases
  • Repeated, hard-to-identify, technological problems on the hosting provider’s side
  • Insufficient communication with the hosting provider
  • Dispersed accountability for the portal efficiency, namely numerous communication points before the breakdown can be dealt with
  • The portal’s financial losses due to abandoned shopping carts (resulting from frequent breakdowns)
  • The portal’s inaccessibility to clients.

"Dealing with constantly emerging problems constituted a great cost. We wanted to entrust our system administration to a company which was transparent, accessible and communicative. This made us choose e-point – a company we know and appreciate cooperating with. Now, when our system is securely taken care of, we can focus on developing our business".

Łukasz Jaruzal

Product Owner


Transparency and partnership

The project was run using a fixed-price model. The client was well aware of the price from the start, as well as the delivery date. As expected, we delivered the project on time and within budget.

The most important part of the project was clear communication: we kept the client updated on the status of work weekly, to provide them with a complete picture of the advancement of work. We kept no secrets – every time a problem cropped up, a frequent occurrence in such projects, the client was notified immediately.

"As a technological partner, we are transparent at all times. We view each client as a partner - just like we’d always like to be treated. We have been operating in such a manner for 25 years and this has allowed us to maintain our edge".

Tomasz Włodarski

Senior Project Manager

e-point SA

Information architecture redefined

"Sorting out the system architecture was of utmost importance to us. Thus, we decided to rebuild it so the hosting layer could easily communicate with the remaining application components. High reliability, accessibility and a constant monitoring option – those are the goals we managed to achieve".

Mariusz Sawicki

Delivery Director for Hosting

e-point SA

Security and smoothness with lower costs of platform maintenance

Since the start of the project our team and the client have had very definite goals. They involved:

  • Ensuring the security and smooth running of the server infrastructure
  • Optimising system software installation
  • Updating software for hardware
  • Increasing the portal’s accessibility to clients - consequently, slashing the number of breakdowns
  • Easy scalability, e.g. the ability to boost the application capacity for the sake of promotional actions
  • Boosting the portal’s revenue and number of satisfied customers
  • Optimising the costs of platform maintenance – external service, no need to build an internal team
  • One-contact company – leading to  faster service, faster problem-solving
  • Releasing some of the company’s human resources for other development work
  • Fixed and predictable portal maintenance cost.

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