e-point joins e-Commerce Poland

The e-Chamber performs research, educational and promotional activities, and rewards organisations that deliver high quality in the field of e-commerce. Moreover, it actively participates in legislative processes concerning the industry in order to guarantee its development.

Within the e-Chamber, e-point wants above all to support Polish companies concerning international expansion, with its knowledge and experience.

Now is the best moment to tackle the global market - remarks Marek Sodolski, Sales & Marketing Vice President, Board Member at e-point SA.- We’ve been in the industry for 21 years and we can see that the greatest challenge today lies in engaging users in the omnichannel model, that is by delivering consistent communication through all channels and at all touchpoints. This means a new level of quality in consumer-brand relationships – one which requires us to combine many competences, and that includes linking technological and business thinking.

We’re glad that we will be able to join forces with leaders and experts and work together to improve the standards of Polish e-commerce.