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Digitalisation of the processes used to prepare a formal investment website

05 Apr 2023

Stoen Operator supplies energy to over a million clients in Warsaw and its vicinity. The company strives to continuously provide energy to Warsaw inhabitants. Its technical service keeps monitoring the condition of the electro-energetic network on a regular basis. It also conducts the necessary maintenance work and oversees the city's energy security round the clock.

Stoen Operator

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B2B and B2C process digitalisation

The contractor portal is the third platform we have implemented for Stoen Operator. To date the brand has optimised its communication by developing and implementing the following:

"The scope of electro-energetic network operations is very wide. Apart from serving clients, we execute dozens of orders from our suppliers and contractors on a daily basis. Process digitalisation has significantly optimised and streamlined our work as well as reduced the risk of human errors. That is why we decided to create another self-service, this time targeted at contractors who are responsible for the implementation of connections".

Maria Pacholska

Project Leader at Stoen Operator

From e-mail communication to a fully-fledged mobile information exchange platform

So far, cooperation with contractors has been conducted via e-mail. The operator needed a cutting-edge tool to optimise communication and all the related activities. Streamlining the process of preparing the formal side of investments by gathering in one place all communication and document exchanges between the contractor (responsible for the application execution) and Stoen Operator was the main purpose of creating the portal.

Customized Software Solutions for Investment Funds

Project implementation

The project work was divided into 4 stages:

 Pre-implementation analysis,

 UX/UI design,

 Developing new functionalities - integration with the internal system of Stoen,

 Testing and start-up.

We worked for 5 months in the agile methodology, the implementation was completed in 6 sprints. Subsequent sprints were aimed at developing the portal. Our project team comprised: a Project Manager, Systems Architect, Quality Assurance Expert, Frontend and Backend Developer, UX Designer and Art Director.

"System customisation is a guarantee of the implemented solution efficiency. We conduct a detailed pre-implementation business analysis for every project, thus we know exactly what tools to offer in order to address the actual needs and problems".

Krzysztof Olczak

Operating Director

e-point SA

A system to support the implementation process of an investment project

The portal can clearly visualise the progress made in preparing and collecting documentation, as well as the degree of completion of particular milestones, at the same time acting as an information exchange hub between the Contractor and Stoen Operator, as well as the main document repository.

 After logging-in, portal's interface will be displayed along with the list of orders assigned to a given logged-in contractor. Portal's interface consists of the main and top menu. The "knowledge base" will open an information portal of Stoen Operator in the new window, it contains all kinds of document templates - legal regulations, rules and regulations and other materials.

 At the top of the order list there are various tools to facilitate order search and sorting. The portal allows also to browse historical orders. By going to the details of the implemented order, the current work progress may be reported.

 With every order the user may report problems, and attach field documents and pictures in real time.

 The tab "order history" contains the list of completed orders. In functional terms, browsing, filtering and sorting orders is done the same way as in "open orders". The tab does not, however, allow for new entries or files to be added or deleted, with one exception - the possibility of adding business notes.

Implementing and starting the third self-service by Stoen Operator proves that keeping up with technological developments delivers excellent business results. This is owed to increased efficiency and productivity, reduced operating costs and lower costs of ongoing communication.

e-point SA is the first Polish company to receive a Conversion Optimization certificate


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